Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I think it should be pretty clear that if Starbuck was really going to get killed for good, no backsies, the producers / writers would find a much more glorious and meaningful manner than what they gave us at the end of Maelstrom.

Instead, we have Kara decending into the Maelstrom and exploding, much like Gandalf and the Balrog (except for the exploding part).

Why give us an episode where Kara pretty well hallucinates herself into suicide and those hallucinations of the Cylons tell her that she'll be back.

So, she'll be back.

Does this mean that she is a Cylon and that she uploaded to a resurrection ship? Gods, I hope not. is possible and to be honest this is the direction I see them going with Kara.

And then she'll come back all Gandalf the White and wise and changed, and I'll miss the glory of Kara Thrace and the Menagerie of Nuerosis which she has been for the past three seasons.

What really bugged me about Maelstrom, though, is that for perhaps the fifth consecutive episode BSG's plot did not advance a lick. I like one off episodes that could possibly impact how we see the show and the characters, but it isn't building or advancing the story. And that bugs me.

Starbuck isn't "dead", though. Not by a long shot.

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Nick said...

Seriously, kinda glad to be rid of her character. Way too much neurosis lately. And major cast members dying from time to time is always a nice change. Cast is too big anyway. Feels like they have problems squeezing everyone in, and some of the character-centric episodes have been hit and miss. Actress seems like a cool chick, so it'll be nice to see her in other roles. But, yeah, Thrace will probably be back later on in some new form a la Gandalf.