Friday, March 16, 2007

Bookswim Alpha

Bookswim, the Netflix-like service for books which is in no way intended to replace libraries, has apparently begun it's Alpha testing today. I've been checking the website every couple of days to see when it went live because Bookswim was supposed to launch in the first quarter 2007 and, well, there are only two business weeks left in that first quarter.

When I last wrote about Bookswim on January 6 I received a comment from one of the three guys who started Bookswim offering me a free trial. I've been looking forward to starting that trial someday so I could see what the service is all about and how it really compares to a Netflix level service and what the merits of Bookswim are versus my local library. I know that I have a reasonably strong library system, but the service could work for a more rural audience.

Either way, we'll see, I suppose, if I do get that free trial and what the service shakes out to be. It’s about books, so I’m certainly interested.

-Library Stuff has an interview with one of the founders.
-The Library Stuff interview is apparently a snippet of this interview. I leave the Library Stuff link up's a link to a blog about libraries. It's geek cool like that.
-Another interview, this one with the guy who posted a comment on my blog.


Steven M. Cohen said...

Geeky and Cool? Gee, thanks. :-)

Unknown said...

We have been doing this since 2000.

Anonymous said...

Hey now,
We promised you a free trial and we're sticking to it. But you're not "Alpha" material. A man of your caliber deserves nothing but the best, so you'll definitely be in the Beta test.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes though!

Shamoon Siddiqui