Saturday, March 24, 2007


The series has been a bit hit or miss lately, but I rather enjoyed Chainfire and Terry Goodkind is actually going to wrap up his Sword of Truth series with the eleventh volume: Confessor.

I have to say, I rather like the cover. Sure, the author's name overwhelms the cover image rather than compliments the cover, but I like the image. It follows the pattern of the previous two editions, but the hazy blue grey mist color works. It fits the haunting theme that Goodkind has been working with where Kahlan is just a figment, barely remembered.

Because Robert Jordan and George Martin are still writing their epics which I began reading when I first really discovered the giants of modern epic fantasy, it is good to see that one of them will actually finish what they started. Goodkind has fallen in disrepute among many fans (though his novels still sell), partly because of his personal politics and outspoken nature which has overwhelmed some of his storylines, but I've still found enjoyment in the Sword of Truth novels, so I want to see how this wraps up.

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