Saturday, January 27, 2007

Titles and Templates

Over the next while there may be changes going on with this blog. For my three readers who aren't related to me, don't be alarmed. I'm just playing with code. It's like playing with fire only without the heat or the burning sensation.

The title is changing, though I don't know if "Adventures in Reading" will be a keeper.

The big thing is the template. Bottom Line: I want to change my template. Badly. I tried last week but it seems that Blogger has switched from HTML to...something else. What does that mean? To computer literate people it probably means a lot. To me, it means that the little things that I do know how to change in my template...well, I don't know how to change them anymore.

There is a drag and drop option for the template, but that works in a limited sense because I can't get the dueling sidebars going. I can probably figure out how to get everything added to the one sidebar, but it's that second sidebar I want because who really wants to scroll down a half mile (because I post in miles now) to find out what I'm reading or who I'm linking to?

Granted I'm deluding myself somewhat because the impact of these changes is minimal in the sense that I'm not John Scalzi with a large number of readers. I track my stats. I know I've got a small handful.

Do I need a three column layout? Of course not. But I like it!

We'll see if I can figure this out. Otherwise I'll just change my template and go with a two column format and see what adaptation I can do from there.

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