Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Moving Pictures, by Terry Pratchett

The tenth Discworld novel is Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett. Pratchett takes on Hollywood, here called Holy Wood, and the movies as the death of the guardian of a particular door and the lack of a replacement begins to cause reality, our silver screen reality, to seep into the Discworld. People begin to have these Big Ideas about making moving pictures and Pratchett, with his usual wit and humor, gives us references to movie classics as citizens of the Disc begin to make their own twisted Discworld sort of way.

Moving Pictures took quite a few pages to really begin to engage me in the story and the humor, but once it did I thoroughly enjoyed this Discworld novel. While not as good as, say, Mort, or one of the early witch novels, Moving Pictures is a decently good story and far more enjoyable than that dolt Rincewind (who, granted, has started to grow on me. Must be the luggage).

Nothing really critical here to say or examine because I find it almost impossible to discuss the plot of a Discworld novel as Pratchett is all over the place in a way that would cause most novels to fail. Yet Discworld succeeds.

Favorite Character Here: Gaspode the Wonder Dog.

Second Fav Character: Laddie (a idiotic Lassie like dog who has not been gifted the power of speech and intelligence through the magic of Holy Wood).

Good boy, Laddie!


Nick said...

I'm on a Pratchett binge myself, at the moment. Read five of his books over the last three weeks, and all have been good to great.

Also saw the TV adaptation of the Hogfather which was a nice production, though I imagine the book was better.

Favorites so far are the characters of the City Watch series. And Death, of course. Up next is Jingo and Going Postal.

Joe said...

I have Reaper Man on reserve at the library. By the title I'm guessing it is a Death book. Death = good.