Friday, January 26, 2007


Suddenly I have free new shiny things to review!

I enter various online contests for free books and the last time I won I got to discover Carrie Vaughn and her world of Kitty. Surprisingly good. Wouldn't have expected it, but now I want to read more Carrie Vaughn.

I won a free copy of an ARE of Vicki Pettersson's debut novel The Scent of Shadows. Some sort of supernatural fantasy without werewolves, witches, or vampires. Looks interesting. Light and Shadow. Eternal Battle. Tipping Point. Immortal War. And no vampires. Worth a shot. Just need to turn in a review to Eos by Feb 18.

Then during an e-mail discussion with my wife, I mentioned that I hadn't received any review requests from Buena Vista Home Entertainment since I was late with my Narnia review. She said she actually had a dream last night that I received three or four copies of Cinderella 3 to review and since each copy was different I had to watch them all. She suggested I check my hotmail spam and see if they contacted me. Well, it wasn't in my spam, but I did miss an e-mail from January 22 from BVHE and they have offered a review copy of Cinderella 3 if I can review the flick by February 2. I can. And, I will. But I can't believe she dreamed that I got a review copy of this flick and I really did!

So that's what I've got going on. How bout you?

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