Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Recapping The Wheel of Time

With Book Eleven: The Knife of Dreams coming out this fall I have a couple choices how to go into the newest Wheel of Time novel. I could re-read the other ten volumes in the series and spend the rest of my summer and fall reading Robert Jordan and probably be tired of the whole thing when the book comes out. I could read nothing and not remember a lot of plot threads. Or, I can find some recaps of the action that has gone before. I remember the big things (cleansing saidin), but not the little ones (Egwene's plan for Tar Valon).

But when I was poking around on Dragonmount, I found this recap. It gives general information of the actions and whereabouts of each of the characters leading into the new book. It is useful because I remember very little about Crossroads of Twilight except that for 4/5 of the book everyone was wondering what that odd source of power was which was Rand at the end of Winter's Heart. Urg.

There is also another timeline which is more of a chronology. There is a lot of info here.

This all should help me get ready for the new book without having to read another ten books just to know what's going on.

Now if Jordan will only wrap this series up...

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Amanda said...

I don't want him to wrap it up! Because then it will be...well, over. =( I know what you mean though. All good things must end. I want to reread...but you are right about the being sick of it by the time the book comes out. I did that with book #9. Still might do it though. =P