Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I really can't say that I have any desire to see Madagascar. The whole animated talking animals thing just doesn't do a whole lot for me, at least when the trailer doesn't seem to suggest there is any heart in the movie. Unlike, say, The Lion King. The only thing here that catches my interest is the penguins. There is something I find inherently funny about sociopathic penguins all scheming and plotting. I don't suppose there will be an edited version of the movie with just the penguin scenes. I'd go see that.

I think the only reasonable solution to this is to see (in the theatre if possible, more likely on DVD) The March of the Penguins. This is a documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman along the lines of a Winged Migration. It's a chance to see penguins do what penguins do. I'll just have to pretend that they are plotting to hijack the camera crew.


RobB said...

I love penguins, too. Except that scary one from the old Bud Ice commercials, "dooby-dooby dooooo"

As for Madagascar, I think I saw maybe 2 commercials for the movie, for a movie that beat out STAR WARS at the box office, it didn't seem to get very much promotion on TV.

Joe said...

That's strange. I think I've seen quite a few television ads and the trailer has been before a couple movies I've seen. But I was in Kohl's last week (a department store like a Macy's, if you don't have it in your area) and even Kohl's had some Madagascar merch.

I did like that Bud Ice penguin, though. I completely forgot about that guy. :)