Friday, June 10, 2005

Karen Traviss, Star Wars

Good news for fans of Star Wars and of author Karen Traviss. Coming in Spring 2006, Traviss is writing a sequel to her Star Wars novel Republic Commando: Hard Contact. This one will be titled Republic Commando: Triple Zero. The novel is set in the timeline of the Clone Wars (so before Episode Three) and while I read Star Wars books there are few that I actually have any sort of anticipation for. Karen Traviss is one of the authors who I actually look forward to her contributions, out of the 30 or 40 Star Wars novels I have read so far, she is one of the best authors writing in the Extended Universe.

Apparently Ms Traviss has also blogged about this, so I'm a little behind in the news. It's cool how excited Traviss seems about this.

I've been meaning to read her first novel, City of Pearl, for some time now.

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