Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shadow Unit

Might I take a moment to ask you a question?

Are you reading Shadow Unit?

Might I ask you another?

If you're not, why the hell not? 

Shadow Unit is a science fictional story about a group of unrealistically sexy FBI agents struggling to protect humanity from the worst monsters imaginable. Except some of our heroes may be on the road to becoming monsters themselves....

Shadow Unit is one of my favorite fictional things, ever.  The above description works well, but my elevator pitch is "X-Files meets Criminal Minds, except the monsters are human". 

It's a web series comprised of short stories, novellas, and short novels.  Shadow Unit is released like a television show.  There are seasons and episodes.  We're currently in the middle of Season Three, but if you wanted a place to start, might I recommend the very first episode, "Breathe", written by Emma Bull?

The writers of Shadow Unit are Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Will Shetterly, Sarah Monette, Leah Bobet, Amanda Downum, Chelsea Polk, and Holly Black

The best thing for readers: IT'S ALL FREE.  Really.  Professional quality fiction from award winning writers, free.  Shadow Unit is run on the donation model, so if you like what you see and you have a couple of extra shekels, maybe throw some in the hat. 

So.  Shadow Unit

Read it. 

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