Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Melanie Rawn, The Diviner

And, in news I've rather happy about, Melanie Rawn has announced a publication date for The Diviner: June 2011.  Actually, she announced it a month ago, and there's another post on her message board saying August 2011, but that Rawn is actually talking publication dates is an EXCELLENT sign. 

Don't know what in the world I'm talking about?  Have you heard of The Golden Key, written by Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, and Kate Elliott, and published back in the 90's? I would point you to my blog post covering the book, but it's been fifteen years since I read it.  Maybe longer.  Here's a review from Catherine Asaro from back in 1997.

The Golden Key was fantastic, people.  After it was published there was talk about sequels and prequels that would be individually written by the three co-authors.  The first one, the one that sets the stage and gives the other authors what they need to do their work was Melanie Rawn's The Diviner.  Without it, Roberson and Elliott can't continue. 

We're getting The Diviner next year!!!!!!

It's time for a re-read of The Golden Key, I think.

Oh, and there's artwork



sg4 said...

Shame about the additional couple of months added on to the date of The Diviner but at least it's coming next year and fingers crossed that doesn't change.

I just went looking around the forum after reading this and some other interesting things came to light. Apparently the third book in her Spellbinder trilogy has been cancelled by Tor due to low sales. However they've also given her a contract for a new trilogy which people on the forum are saying is her going back to her roots. Bad news for Melanie but good news for me because I really didn't fancy the premise of the Spellbinder books.

I haven't seen her post on the matter because it apparently sparked some outrage (probably regarding the likely further delay of her returning to work on the final Exiles trilgoy book) on the forums or something, leading to her deleting that announcement thread, but various members have basically alluded to this stuff.

Joe said...

I haven’t been following the message board ruckus, but I view The Captal’s Tower as “that book”, the book of legend that may never come out. I almost treat it like Voldemort, That Which Must Not Be Named.

On a personal level, I’m disappointed for Melanie that Spellbinder 3 was cancelled (didn’t know that, either). It wasn’t really my thing, and after reading the first book I had little interest in the second, but I want to see her do well professionally. At whatever she wants to write, even if it isn’t what I want her to write.

BUT, if she’s signed for a new series that’s closer to her earlier work, I think that’s fantastic news. She’s really, really good at secondary world fantasy.