Friday, July 09, 2010

Aqueduct Press

50 books, 6 years, 1 reader at a time. That’s how indie presses do it, generally. You’re that one reader now, so if you like Aqueduct, if you like me are impressed by this achievement, please re-blog the link to the feature and a link to Aqueduct’s main page for those who want to order that way instead, and support this unique publisher with some book sales love.

That's Jeff VanderMeer talking about L. Timmel Duchamp and Aqueduct Press. He's got an interview with Duchamp up at the Omnivoracious blog and it's a good one.

I haven't read as much published by Aqueduct as I would like to, but what I have read has been very, very good. I am just finishing the fourth (of five) Marq'ssan novel from Duchamp and while the narrative can be challenging to read because it often comes across as social and political theory writ large, the story itself is quite compelling. You will want to start with Alanya to Alanya (my review). I've also read the Plugged In chapbook from Duchamp and Maureen McHugh (my review). It's only two stories, but again, quite good.

I blogged about this before, but I still really want to check out Rachel Swirsky's debut collection Through the Drowsy Dark. Swirsky is fantastic.

Larry has posted some of his thoughts, too.

So, basically, I just want to show some support for Aqueduct Press. I really like what they're doing, what they stand for, and the work that they publish. If you're not familiar with Aqueduct, go check them out.

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