Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Thoughts on World Fantasy Anthologies

This is a post which probably does not need to be written, but while I hope to be able to post my thoughts on the World Fantasy Award nominees in the Novel and Collection categories (as I have with the Novellas and Short Stories), I will not be posting my thoughts on the Anthologies.

I’ve nothing against Anthologies, but I started reading through the nominees too late and I just will not be able to get through this category. I’ll barely be able to make it through the Novels. I’ve just finished The Servants and still have to knock out Ysabel.

I will review the anthology Five Strokes to Midnight sometime in November since the good people at Haunted Pelican Press sent me a copy, but the other four will have to wait. Indefinitely. I’ve read a couple of stories out of The Coyote Road when they were nominated for a Nebula Award and one was exceptional. I want to read Logorrhea. But, the other two: Wizards and The Inferno? Only if one of them wins the World Fantasy Award (or if one of them magically appears in my mailbox).

So, please don’t hold it against me because I’m essentially ignoring this category. I’ll start earlier next year for all three major awards and try to knock out ALL of the nominated works, not just the stories. Unless another Diogenes Club collection is nominated. In that case, forget it!

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