Friday, April 18, 2008

Ooh! Books!

This first picture is of all the books I currently have out from the library. I'm midway through Selling Out and Skeleton Crew and expect to finish both this weekend. Note the placement of the bookmarks hanging out. The Robert Sawyer book lost in the reflection is Rollback.

This second picture is of the books I have accepted for review. I am currently working on the Lucius Shepard collection as well as the new Kay Kenyon book. After which I will dive face first into the stack of Night Shade books. The White Space on top of this picture is Nano Comes to Clifford Falls and Other Stories, the new Nancy Kress collection from Golden Gryphon. Golden Gryphon sends out ARC's with just a plain white paper cover...which explains why I somehow didn't get the picture in the shot. On top of that, and not in the picture is a memoir from Patricia Hampl, and on top of THAT is the second Inspector Chen novel from Liz Williams.

Normally I am a delightfully fast reader, but this last month at work has been quite busier than usual and I've been losing weekend reading time by going back to work. I expect my reading volume to pick back up and I'll motor through all this in a decent amount of time.


Mihai A. said...

Wow, you made me jealous. Especially with Glen Cook, Joe R. Landsdale and Lucius Shepherd :).
I wish happy reading.

Joe said...

Thanks! I'm especially excited about the Lansdale. It's a zombie western, doncha know?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for providing this wonderful post. It's very informative and helpful...

Sandy Martin said...

Please stop taking pictures of books.

Sandy :)