Wednesday, April 09, 2008

GRRM: Starlady and Fast-Friend

Somehow I overlooked that Subterranean Press is offering up a nice throwback to the old Ace-Doubles of yesteryear, a publication from one George R. R. Martin called Starlady and Fast-Friend, a double helping of two Martin novelettes.

I almost squee-ed with glee before I realized that
a) I have no idea what that means, and
b) "Starlady" and "Fast-Friend" were originally published in Martin's 1981 collection Sandkings and that these are not brand new stories.

But, that's okay because I haven't read these two stories and this is a nice limited edition type publication for collectors.

That Sandkings collection, though? It's bookended by the outstanding stories "The Way of Cross and Dragon" and what is quite possibly my all time favorite Martin story, the titular "Sandkings".

Regardless of whether or not I get my grubby hands on a copy of the limited edition book, I think I'm going to track down a copy of Sandkings and read the stories anyway.


Unknown said...

Sandkings is actually one of my favorite short stories ever. I loved that story. Didn't they make that into an episode of Outer Limits?

Joe said...

Yeah, it was the first episode of the reboot of Outer Limits in the mid 90's. I watched it a couple months ago. I wasn't that impressed by the episode, at least in comparison to the story.

Unknown said...

I thought so. I liked the episode up until I read the story. The story is a million times better, but I didn't read the story until a couple years ago, so when I did read it I thought "this sounds familiar".
Darn good short story indeed.