Friday, February 22, 2008

more nebula nominees.

Mary Turzillo's “Pride” is available now and is from Lou Anders' Fast Forward 1 anthology (great anthology, well worth checking out)

There is an excerpt of Judith Berman’s “Awakening” over at Black Gate, but I'd much rather have a full story and I don't think I'll read the excerpt.

The Nebula list is updated with “Pride”, but not with the exerpt of “Awakening”

I’ve ordered the Heroes in Training anthology as well as Vera Nazarian’s The Salt of the Air. Coyote Road is on its way, as is Eclipse 1.

This should catch me up on the anthologized / collected short stories nominated for the Nebulas. I just have to read the rest and find the ones not already available online.


Anonymous said...

hi,i've just found your weblog. i was searching for the 2008 nebula short stories. it's very intresting to find a blog related to science fiction. me with my friends run a website about scifi, but it's not in english! anyway i add your blog to my favorit.

Joe said...

Hey, thanks!

There are a few of us out there, but I'm glad you found mine. :)