Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Carrie Vaughn on Getting Published

Carrie Vaughn has an interesting post on how she got published and all the work none of us see when she wrote four previous novels and fifteen years?

I always like reading about this.


Anonymous said...

It's off-topic. I wanted you to know about an author you haven't mentioned at all on your site: David Gemmell. It's a discovery I’ve just made and I’m sure I will read many of his books. You wrote in Nine Author Discoveries in 2007 that you like discovering great new authors and that one of them was Glen Cook. I made similar discovery about Glen Cook in late 2006 and I love his books. Besides all Black Company books I’ve read “Tower of fear” (fantasy) and “Dragon never sleeps” (science fiction). These 2 books are stand alone novels that in some way are even better than Black Company books. Returning to David Gemmel: I’ll start with his first book “Legend”, which apparently is itself a legend among his fans.

Joe said...

I've heard of Gemmell and Legend, but haven't read anything by him. I may have to put him / it on my list and try to read him in 2008. Thanks for the recommendation