Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pyr: Fall / Winter Catalog

Pyr's Fall / Winter Catalog is out and up on their website. It may have been up for a while now, but you can see how up on things I am right about now.

The Blade Itself, by Joe Abercrombie (Sept)
The Metatemporal Detective, by Michael Moorcock (Oct)
Selling Out, by Justina Robson (Oct)
Starship: Mercenary, by Mike Resnick (Dec)

The Blade Itself has been receiving some very solid buzz from the advance copies, so this should get a shot. Moorcock's Eternal Champion work is hit or miss, but I understand he does not consider it is his Serious Fiction, so I'm curious what how this one will do. Selling Out is the follow up to Keeping It Real, an excellent opening fantasy / science fiction blending with cyborgs and elves and broken heroines. Starship: Mercenary is the third entry in the Starship series by Mike Resnick and thus far has been a pure pleasure to read. I expect no less from Resnick.

I most look forward to the Resnick and the Robson.

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Ed said...

I'm more of an SF reader but I just finished The Blade Itself and really enjoyed. More from his website