Thursday, August 16, 2007

Strange Horizons

Next to Subterranean Online, Strange Horizons is quite possibly publishing some of my favorite online fiction today. Recently I haven't had much to talk about in the world of short fiction, but I’m still reading through Strange Horizons last month or two (I got behind) and they've got some nice quirky stuff. Nothing that right now makes me want to jump up and down and shout from the treetops about (let's ignore how I got up to the treetops), but decent stuff all the same.

Recent Reads:
The Perfume Eater, by R. J. Astruc
The Girl from Another World, by Leah Bobet
Wake Up Call, by Leslie Brown
The Captain is the Last to Leave, by Caroline Lockwood Nelson
Artifice and Intelligence, by Tim Pratt
Limits, by Donna Glee Williams

I rather like The Perfume Eater and The Girl from Another World, though Bobet's ending left a bit to be desired. The Perfume Eater is better. Limits is a decent story, too, after the first couple of pages when we start figuring out what it might be all about.

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Bless you for liking my story! Thanks! :D