Monday, February 26, 2007

New Scalzi story

John Scalzi has a new short story up at Subterranean Press's new online magazine titled "Missives From Possible Futures #1: Alternate History Searches" and it reads as a reply back to a search inquiry regarding what would have happened alternate time streams if Adolf Hitler had been killed in a particular date in 1908. Being a work of Scalzi fiction, this is a fun and short read. With each subsequent possibility, the absurdity gets greater and greater.

I am rather enamored with Scalzi's fiction (currently reading The Android's Dream) and I wish that his novellas were more readily available at my library, but I would also love to see more short fiction from Scalzi. Maybe a couple more in a "Missives From Possible Futures" series for Subterranean. I know why he doesn't write much short fiction (novels pay better), but if he wrote more, I'd read them, too.

This story, though: Love it.

Premise of The Android's Dream
? Brilliant.

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