Thursday, February 15, 2007

but what does this mean for me?

As I was about to browse my library system's website I saw a link saying "Committee Recommends Library Consolidation" and my first thought was: They are closing Penn Lake. Why do I think this? Mostly because Penn Lake is a small library and I frequent that particular branch.

But rather than jump to conclusions I follow the link and read the article. Apparently the library committee is going to recommend that the Hennepin County Library System and the Minneapolis Public Library will finally all fall under the heading of Hennepin County Library.

This actually makes sense because Minneapolis is in Hennepin County. It also makes sense because now the largest city in the state will get to share its books with the residents of the county in which it inhabits, and vice versa.

What does this mean for me? Access to the Minneapolis system's books without having to go through interlibrary loan. That's a plus!

I was worried, though, that this could mean library closings but at least from that article nothing about closing libraries was mentioned. Hopefully this will help some branches stay open if they were on the block.

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