Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fun at McSweeney's

I don't go to McSweeney's nearly as often as I should (once a year), but there is always interesting fiction there. I think Dave Eggers does very well as an editor, and what he is able to collect is astounding.

On the front page of McSweeney's Online there is a little segment by Kate Hahn called American Girl Dolls Write to President Bush. Hahn has girl dolls (no really, dolls) from various times in American history writing to the current president about various topics, lampooning President Bush fairly harshly.

Here are two of my favorite lines:
It made me grateful that you are bringing back the economic divide that allows little girls like me to be so exceedingly happy! (Victorian Girl)

The Patriots say we must fight in order to have a democratically elected leader, privacy rights, and freedom of speech. Yet I understand that you, along with Messrs. Cheney and Rumsfeld, are dismantling these very things. This vexes me.(Colonial Girl)

Something about the doll saying "this vexes me" cracks me up.

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