Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Book 82: Showdown at Centerpoint

Thus concludes a fairly solid Star Wars Trilogy. Showdown at Centerpoint is the concluding volume in the Corellian Trilogy. The story we have so far is that Leia and Han, along with their children, a Wookiee, and a couple of droids went on a diplomatic mission to Han's homeworld of Corellia and became entangled in the civil unrest where the main faction is led by Thracken Sal-Solo, Han's cousin and a general bad guy. Thracken claims to have a Starbuster, a weapon which nobody has seen but that has already destroyed two planets. Yes, another Super Weapon. The civil unrest encompasses the entire Corellian system and through kidnapping and hiding, the Organa-Solo family, along with Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and Mara Jade, are working separately to stop the Starbuster from destroying the next planet on a list of targets and to restore stability to the region.

Joining together and splitting apart our heroes will travel to the strange Centerpoint Station, which may have everything to do the troubles. They will join with Selonians and the Drall, two non-human races in the Corellian system, and there is love and loss, lots of action, the rising importance of the Solo children, and the chance to save the Republic once again. The ending of Showdown at Centerpoint is a bit rushed, but taken as part of a trilogy this book and the trilogy is a satisfying Star Wars experience. While these books would not stand up with the best of Matthew Stover or Karen Traviss, this trilogy rises above the majority of Star Wars novels. It contains all of the action and fun of the movies and had George Lucas decided to use the stories of Roger MacBride Allen, this Star Wars trilogy would be just as successful as what was already filmed.

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