Sunday, October 16, 2005

a whole lotta television

In the past couple of days I've caught up on a whole lotta television. I watched another episode of Firefly called "The Train Job". Two episodes and three hours in and I am loving this show already. Sandy and I watched this week's episode of America's Next Top Model. We kind of figured that Diane was going to go, and she did. The biggest problem was that she just didn't show any confidence. I'm hoping that Kim can somehow show another facial expression because she has the potential to be a finalist, but she isn't showing that much and Janice Dickinson was very frustrated with her. Janice was the guest photographer this week (her judging spot having been taken over by Twiggy). The Minnesota girl Coryn finally told Lisa that she just doesn't like her. Lisa is a bit of a snit anyways, always trying to give everyone advice so that it will be the toughest competition possible and that Lisa wants to win against the best. Blah blah.

We caught the first four episodes of this season's Lost yesterday. All in a row. Watching like that kind of makes it easier to follow characters and storylines, but I don't think we're going to let the episodes pile up again. This time it was just so that Sandy could get through all of season 1 on DVD. I didn't really think there was going to be some Belgian guy down the hatch, but when he said in the flashback "see you in another life" that was the only reason he could say that. Weird. Very weird. I'm not disappointed, but I am a little confused. The hatch gives clues about the island, that it was this research facility and as much that it was psychological research. I don't think I believe that the island will blow up after 108 minutes. For a moment there, I thought the rest of the survivors were the "Others", but they seem to be having as much trouble with the Others as anyone. It's interesting that they have gone more tribal, but they have also gone from 23 survivors to just a handful. Rose was right about Bernard being alive all this time. Odd. Why does Michelle Rodriguez always play a hardass character. I've seen almost everything that she has done, including a crappy Showtime movie caled 3 A.M. and it is always the same sort of character. So...are the back of the plane survivors suffering from the sickness Desmond was worried about?

Last week's episode of My Name is Earl is the best one yet. Earl had picked up this girl at a bar and they both got drunk and went home together. He thought she was just looking for a one night stand and she had a tatoo on her back saying something like "wanna ride?" So, he did. But when morning comes she wakes up and is all cheerful and bubbly and opens the curtains and her room is very, very girly and innocent and so is she (except for the wild sex, apparently). She turns out to be incredibly clingy and the opposite of Earl. So, to break up with her he fakes his own death. Well, now that Earl is trying to fix his karma he has to make amends here. Best episode yet. Glad I'm watching the show.

And finally (for now), I watched the second part of No Direction Home. This part followed Bob Dylan from the early 60's through his motorcycle crash in '66. What was the most interesting was his switch from acoustic folk to the electric guitar and how the crowds hated it and booed him on stage but continued to buy tickets and sell out his shows...all the while complaining that they bought tickets to a folk show. You didn't. If you yell out "Judas" before the man even walks on stage surely you know he's not playing his classic folk and is bringing something new. He'd been doing it for a while so it couldn't be a surprise. Were they thinking that Dylan just might do an acoustic set for them even though his whole tour has been electric?

Anyone, No Direction Home is a good 3.5 hour documentary and is worth watching if you are just a little bit interested in Bob Dylan.

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