Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Direction Home: Part 1, Knife

After three days I finally finished the first part of the Dylan documentary No Direction Home. I'm not sure how much of the life and career of Bob Dylan this doc will cover, but the first two hours started with his childhood and into the early part of his career before he became big, and then as he was starting to become big. I think it only goes into the 60's (so his Christian albums will probably not be covered). There is a lot of old concert footage and photographs as well as interviews with Dylan today and his contemporaries.

It seems to be a fairly good documentary. I haven't been able to give it my full and undivided attention since I have to keep an eye out for what the puppy is doing, but it was interesting to see how Dylan became so successful. He is a very talented artist and an excellent songwriter...and as much as I like some of Dylan's songs, it is tough to listen to Dylan sometimes. His voice isn't that strong and sometimes it is difficult to understand what he is singing...and yet people bought tickets and he is a legend. Funny how that works. And for that we have Blowing in the Wind, Hurricane, Rainy Day Women, Not Dark Yet, Shelter from the Storm, and many other great songs.

Last night I was able to begin reading Knife of Dreams, the eleventh volume in the long running never ending Wheel of Time series. Thus far I am 140 pages into the book having read the extra long prologue (clocking in at nearly 100 pages), and one or two chapters. The prologue held a nice event with Galad killing the Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks, but the rest of the prologue wasn't that big or special or necessary to be a prologue. Simirhage did make an appearance. We need more Forsaken in the books.

Supposedly this book does resolve quite a few loose ends and sets up the potentially final Book 12, so I'm very interested to see how this goes.

No Moiraine quite yet. I doubt she'll reappear in this book, but I've been hoping since she passed through the doorway with Lanfear (who has since died and been reborn as Cyndane).

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