Thursday, May 19, 2005

Quit Cancelling My Shows!!

First I read that NBC wasn't going to pick up The Contender for a second season, but this didn't surprise me. As good of a show that it is (and it is), I don't know how well it would play a second time.

But today I just read that Joan of Arcadia is being cancelled! I know that ratings were down, but to replace it with a Jennifer Love Hewitt show where she talks to ghosts? C'mon, now. Joan was just getting into a storyline for the next season with a major conflict that looked to be very interesting. Guess I'm going to have to rent the first season from Netflix (since I only started watching this season).

What's next, Buffy the Vampire Slayer?!

Oh, nevermind.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one disappointed by JoA cancellation. I think you'll enjoy the first season even more. Which will just make you more irritated with the cancelation.

I'm really put out by ABC cancelling 'Eyes' after only 3 episodes. That show had such potential and was so fun. But they renewed 'The Bachelor?!'

Stupid network executives.

Sandy Martin said...

Hi honey. I'm bummed NBC cancelled American Dreams. Oh least we still have Passions! :)

Anonymous said...

My wife is currently enjoying the Magnificent Seven series...Who knew?...Anyways, they're repeating it on one of our satellite TV channels...This series started in '98, got cancelled after 12 or 13 episodes, was brought back the next year due to an apparenly [i]huge[/i] internet campaign for another 13 episodes, then it got itself cancelled again, for good this time...My wife is very upset as she loves the - ahem - totty on show...Snassn Frassn Rassn...However my point [i]is[/i] why do they alway cancel shows that I could happily watch for years and give things like Andromeda and Sliders season after season...Heydy-ho...