Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dear Lord, He Finally Finished It!

George R.R. Martin, author of one of my favorite series of fantasy: A Song of Ice and Fire has finally finished A Feast For Crows.

Apparently he cut the story in half and focused only on the characters and action in one particular location and will tell the story of the other characters in the next volume (which he is now more than halfway finished with). While I wouldn't mind a 1700 behemoth of a novel, Martin is one hell of a writer and I've been waiting for this book for several years now.

This news makes me happy. The book has been sent to the publisher to do whatever it is that they do to make the book ready to publish, so we're getting there. Now I just need to re-read books two and three in this series (I re-read A Game of Thrones last year). If it comes out this year, it could be a really good year for fantasy novels.

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