Friday, August 06, 2004

Tarantino on Bond?

Weeks ago, maybe even months ago i heard rumors that Quentin Tarantino is interested in directing the next Bond film. Immediately i loved the idea. All of the Bond movies in recent memory have been kind of boring and stale, especially the last two or three. Imagine what Tarantino could do with the Bond franchise! Since Bond has a built in audience, he can do no worse than the previous films and could potentially reinvent the franchise. I love it already.

Which is why it will probably never happen. The franchise will be "protected" and the movies will be the "safe" Bond films that we've been getting.

And the franchise will be the worse off for it.

But that got me thinking. How great would it be if we could turn the franchise over to some of the top and most creative directors today?

Quentin Tarantino's Bond
Martin Scorcese's Bond
James Camerson's Bond
Spielberg's Bond
Christopher Nolan's Bond (he did Memento)
Shoot, even Karyn Kusama's Bond (she did the excellent Girlfight)

Even if the movie isn't that good, it can't be worse than Die Another Day.

I love it!

And it'll never happen.

But it would be great if it did. I might get excited for John Woo's Bond and certainly would for Michael Mann's Bond. But probably not for Michael Bay's Bond.

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