Monday, August 30, 2004

The Passion of the Clerks?

Seriously? It's not even listed in the IMDB, but writer/director is starting work on a sequel to Clerks. On one hand i think this is awesome as i loved that movie and loved the characters, but on the other...really? Is it necessary? Smith had long said that other than a planned animated Clerks movie (an idea which i love), he is done with the Jay and Silent Bob characters and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was to be their swan song, the last time we got to see a 40 year old fat man in a trench coat (as Smith once said). Great characters, but it had seemed that their time had passed.

I love Kevin Smith's work, even the underrated Jersey Girl, but i don't know about this.

But i'll still see The Passion of the Clerks. It is written and directed by Kevin Smith, after all.

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