Tuesday, March 01, 2016

NoaF: Black Wolves, Black Sword, and Resolutions

Hey kids!

I'd like to point you to two recent reviews I've done over at Nerds of a Feather. The first is Kate Elliott's excellent Black Wolves. The second is Larry Correia's fairly disappointing Son of the Black Sword.

For extra Star Wars nerdery, Dean and I have a conversation about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

For the sake of being amusing, I also collected a much delayed list of New Year's Resolutions from the flock.

Forthcoming, I have my next Deryni essay coming next week on Saint Camber, a Deverry essay on the four books comprising the first Act of the series, something on the Hugo Awards, and a bit farther out - a review of Emily Foster's The Drowning Eyes. That's just what I have written and scheduled for this month.

I'm still "working" on reviews of Central Station, Meeting Infinity, Forest of Memory, Runtime, and probably Lightless. By "working", I mean I need to read these. But, if I keep talking about it, maybe I'll actually do something about it.

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