Monday, January 05, 2015

14 Books I Want to Read to in 2015

So, I gave a quick look through the LocusForthcoming List, a quick search on stuff I have saved on Goodreads, and voila! We have list!  
As such, this isn’t exhaustive or authoritative.  This is just a list of 14 books, in presumed publication order, that I’d like to read this year.  I’m sure I missed something awesome.  Maybe many somethings awesome.

1. The Just City, by Jo Walton (Jan): I haven’t read much from Jo Walton, but after reading Among Others a couple years back, I am sold.  Doesn’t matter what this is, I want to read it.  
2. Karen Memory, by Elizabeth Bear (Feb): New Elizabeth Bear. Does it matter what this is about?  It does not.

3. Wastelands II: More Stories of the Apocalypse, by John Joseph Adams (editor) (Feb): I adored JJA's previous Wastelands anthology (my review), so what can possibly be wrong with Wastelands II?  Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

4. Persona, by Genevieve Valentine (Mar): Political thriller with celebrity culture. Also, written by Genevieve Valentine.  

5. The Rebirths of Tao, by Wesley Chu (Apr): Oh, Tao, how I enjoy reading about thee.  

6. The Black Wolves, by Kate Elliott (Jul): Now that I'm digging into her Crown of Stars series, I want to read all of the Kate Elliott 

7. The End of All Things, by John Scalzi (Aug): New Scalzi, set in the Old Man's War universe.  It's another linked story collection like The Human Division.  Good stuff.

8. Radiance, by Catherynne M. Valente (Aug): I'm really not sure what this means: "Radiance is a decopunk pulp SF alt-history space opera mystery set in a Hollywood—and solar system—very different from our own"
9. Fool's Quest, by Robin Hobb (Aug): I expect to finish the Tawny Man trilogy in the next couple of months, but since I know that I would then want to read the Rain Wilds books before starting this, I don't expect to hit this series until 2016 at best.  But, because I continue to be impressed by each book I read of Hobb's, this should be acknowleded.

10. The Thorn of Emberlain, by Scott Lynch (Sep): Gentleman Bastards Book 4.  I still need to read Republic of Thieves, but this is must read fantasy for me.

11. The Empire Ascendent, by Kameron Hurley (Oct): The Mirror Empire was one of my top books of 2014.  I expect The Empire Ascendent to be one of my top books of 2015.

12. Ancillary Mercy, by Ann Leckie (Oct): If you like science fiction and you're not reading Ann Leckie's novels, you're doing it wrong.

13: Mistborn: Shadows of Self, by Brandon Sanderson (Oct): More Mistborn, following up on Alloy of Law.

14. The Winds of Winter, by George R. R. Martin (???): I'm not sure I really expect this to come out in 2015, but it's the annual GRRM watch, so let's keep on hoping.

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