Saturday, September 17, 2011


Even though I haven't been able to read nearly as many books these past months I've been in training, I've managed to accumulate a decent starting collection of books.  Now, eight of these were books that I brought from home after the Fourth of July holiday, but the rest...well, the rest are all new to my collection. 

To save some money, I haven't picked up the highest profile releases that I really want to own, but I'm rather happy with what I've picked up.  Some good stuff here. 

Oh, and if you wondered what happens when you take a book with you to some field exercises where you're going to be made up like a casualty and you don't take care where you leave said book...


NoOne said...

Gemmell's "Legend" is, well, Legendary :) :) One of my all time favs

A Shadow Falls said...

Can you pass those my way when you're done? I have read almost none of those! I look forward to your reviews :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Say, do you do ebook reviews? Considering you enjoyed Dave Meltzer's TRIBUTE books, I wondered if you'd want to review my pro wrestling thriller, DEATH MATCH. No worries if you're swamped, though.

Jay Ridler

Todd said...

A bit off subject here but I have been looking for a new enjoyable author to read and I know what a fan you are of Elizabeth Bear. My question is what is it about her that you enjoy so much? And if you would, go into as much detail as you'd email is if that would be easier. I hope that you can help me out here. I'm a bit tired of the same old writers comig along that just don't grab me for differing reasons.

Joe said...

Jay: Sorry. I don't do ebooks. Right now I'm barely reviewing the stacks upon stacks of stuff already in my house (and at the library).

Todd: I'm not sure what I can say that my reviews haven't said better. If you look up my reviews for Ink and Steel or Seven for a Secret...that's why. :) Or, here's the tag for my Bear related posts.