Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I promise, I have at least five books on tap to review for you all, plus a couple of graphic novels posts. Really.

In the meantime, the Wheel of Time fans out there should check out this page about Min's Viewings over at The Thirteenth Depository.

What struck me early on is the evidence from the viewings that unless Mat, Perrin, and Rand are all together at the end, there is no chance of defeating the Dark One. I mean, it's kind of obvious and we take it for granted, but Jordan did a great job of setting this up in terms that seem rather stark and blunt when pointed out.

The page is updated with detail from The Gathering Storm.

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Unknown said...

I've seen so much about these books lately....Maybe I should get around to reading the first one...I'm a little shy about starting such a big project, I must admit.