Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shadow Unit: Season Two News

There’s been some happenings going on over at Shadow Unit lately. Besides the now twice weekly mini story updates covering the time between seasons, there have been a couple of announcements.

First, Leah Bobet and Holly Black have been added to the writing staff. Bobet gets episode two, Black gets the season finale. Those are some big shoes Holly Black needs to fill given just how outstanding a job Bull and Bear did with Refining Fire.

Second, we have an episode list.
  • 2.1: "Lucky Day", written by Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear
  • 2.2: "Sugar", written by Leah Bobet
  • 2.3: "The Sin Eater", written by Emma Bull
  • 2.4: "Getaway", written by Emma Bull
  • 2.5: "Wind-Up Boogeyman", written by Elizabeth Bear
  • 2.6: "Cuckoo", written by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull
  • 2.7: "Smoke & Mirrors", written by Elizabeth Bear
  • 2.8: "Not Alone", written by Holly Black
Can’t wait!

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