Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forthcoming 2008: Q3

Because I enjoy lists of all kinds, and I had this need to create a new one, below are books scheduled to publish in Quarter 3 which I am most looking forward to. This does not mean, of course, that something won’t slip my notice or that I haven’t missed a book, but given that disclaimer, here we go!

Seeds of Change – John Joseph Adams: I have a review copy of this book, but if I didn’t, I would still want to read JJA’s first anthology of original fiction. Seeds of Change contains stories from Jay Lake, Tobias Buckell, Nnedi Mbachu-Okorafor, and others.

Ink and Steel – Elizabeth Bear: If there was only one book I could read this quarter, Ink and Steel would be it. It’s the third Promethean Age novel.

Dogs – Nancy Kress: The more I read from her Nano Comes to Clifford Falls collection, the higher Dogs goes up my list.

Starlady and Fast Friend – George R. R. Martin: A limited edition of two Martin short stories. Sure, they’ll be available in the original collections, but what’s wrong with a finely bound book?

Victory of Eagles – Naomi Novik: The shine is off Novik’s Temeraire series, but I want to know what happens next.

The Alchemy of Stone – Ekaterina Sedia: Haven’t read anything by Sedia (maybe a short story), but I’ve heard nothing but praise for her debut novel A Secret History of Moscow.

Heaven and Hell – Elizabeth Bear: You know when I said if I could only read one book this quarter it would be Ink and Steel? I’d like to include Heaven and Hell in that. Technically they are one book (The Stratford Man) published as two volumes.

Sly Mongoose – Tobias Buckell: Crystal Rain was good, Ragamuffin was better. Can’t wait to see what Buckell brings next.

Zoe’s Tale – John Scalzi: I’m not quite as excited for Zoe’s Tale as I have been about previous Scalzi novels (nor as much as I will be for The High Castle), but New Scalzi is New Scalzi and I like New Scalzi.

The Best of Lucius Shepard: I reviewed this last month, but if I didn’t have a copy sitting on my shelf, I’d wish I did.

Best American Fantasy 2 – Ann and Jeff Vandermeer: I am about to start reading the first BAF, and I like anthologies.

The Gypsy Morph – Terry Brooks: My excitement about a new Terry Brooks is no longer what it was, but I still compulsively read a new Shannara book, and this is part of the bridge series between Word / Void and Shannara.

Toll the Hounds – Steven Erikson: New Malazan book (#8, for those keeping track at home).

The Wrong Grave and Other Stories – Kelly Link. I want to better understand Kelly Link's fiction. She's good, but I don't love her fiction the way others do.

You May Sleep – Nick Mamatas. A short story collection, I believe.

Scott Lynch's Republic of Thieves is still on the Locus list for September, but I understand this has been pushed back into 2009.

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