Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Sun, it's Done

I decided this morning that I’m not going to finish Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun series.  I only have one volume left, Citadel of the Autarch and I had planned on reserving it through interlibrary loan when I caught up with some of the stuff on my hold list, but I realized that I absolutely suffered through the turgidity of the last two volumes (Shadow of a Torturer was actually pretty good) and I don’t think I want to torment myself with finishing this series.  There are too many good books that I want to read to do this to myself. 


So, I deleted Citadel from my Big List (I’d previously deleted Short Sun and Long Sun from the list) and will give Wolfe one more shot outside of Wizard Knight before I check him off as an author I will never read again.  Blasphemy to some who love Wolfe, but New Sun has become so bad that I would rather read that new horrible Eddings series (The Dreamers) than keep reading the Wolfe.


At least Endymion by Dan Simmons doesn’t suck (in fact, it is the polar opposite of suck)


Anonymous said...

(in fact, it is the polar opposite of suck)


Joe said...

It spits out bad novels?

Anonymous said...