Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the end of Angel

I would say that the end of Season 5 of Angel felt very rushed, but I know that's because it was.  Angel was cancelled midway through the season rather unexpectedly and Joss had to hurry to put together some closure.  I do think it is somewhat crappy that Sarah Michelle Gellar wouldn't do a guest spot in one of the closing eps of the show (supposedly Joss wanted her for the next to last episode), it would have been a nice way to round out the series and considering that Buffy made Sarah any kind of star it would have been a nice gesture.  Alas.
So, Joss kills off Cordy.  I liked how she came back for one episode as a nice send off.  Kills Fred.  Wesley.  I'm pretty sure Gunn didn't make it out of that battle.  So, we figure Angel, Spike, and Illyria walked out alive somehow.  Personally, I like the idea that everyone died at the end.  Even Spike and Angel.  It would allow for this great sacrifice as the team took out so many top level baddies and accepted the cost of doing so. 
But I know they didn't.  Faith (she should have shown up, even though I assume she was in Europe training Slayers) and Spike have been rumored to get their own show for a while or television movies. 
I still can't stand Spike, though I did like the Angel/Spike dynamic. 
It's fantastic that Harmony walked away at the end. 
"You've never have faith in me"
"You don't have a soul"
"I would if you had faith in me"
What?  That's ridiculous and yet perfect. 
Really, I want a Fray movie/series. 

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