Wednesday, November 23, 2005

goodbye netflix

I cancelled my Netflix subscription this morning. It was a cost savings measure. To get certain costs back in line we're cutting some things out of our budget, and Netflix is one that had to go.

Where shall I get my movies from? The library! I just put a good number of DVDs on hold. They have longer hold lines, but I should be able to get most of what I want, so it all works out in the end.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand, I took a break awhile back, but I'll miss you in my 'Friends' list. You always had good selections. Not that I need my queue to be any longer.

you'll be back sometime... and netflix saves all your ratings and such. Its way easy to rejoin. Maybe some nice family member will get you a gift certificate sometime. ;)

Joe said...

I will definitely be back. Netflix was wonderful and very helpful in getting me to see all these movies. But I copied my entire queue to Word and I'm going to be reserving movies like mad at the library and will still be doing l'il blogs about them, so if you're ever looking for recommendations or what is in my Word Queue...I've got plenty.

Amanda said...

I don't read your blog for a couple of days and the next thing I know you're selling all your stuff! Sheesh! I feel out of it. Blame it on being horribly sick all weekend. Anyway, it's hard to imagine you as not being a netflix member. It's just weird. Like, what planet did I just land on? things aren't right with the world!