Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Truth Was Out There

Good night, Agent Mulder. Good night, Agent Scully.

I finally finished the ninth and final season of the X-Files this weekend. For months now I've been recording every episode on TNT and trying to keep up with all the recordings. It's like being immersed in the X-Files Universe with daily doses of what I lovingly dub: The Weird Shtuff Show.

While Agents Reyes (Annabeth Gish) and Doggett (Robert Patrick) were interesting characters and were solid actors during the last two seasons, the show lost something of its heart when Mulder and Scully were not there together. For seven years (or three months in my world) they were together, bantering and solving weird shtuff and dealing with the conspiracy and the aliens and Cigarette Smoking Man and building a really solid rapport that when it was gone, the show lost something. It was still good, but whenever Mulder made his rare appearances on the show's final two seasons and interacted again with Scully, it is easy to see how much was missing.

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Anonymous said...

Ah the X-Files. One of my true entertainment passions. I'd recommend checking out Chris Carter's other show (actually, there are several others), but 'Millennium' is an excellent companion piece to the Files. Its fun to see Vancouver actors who played characters on the Files show up in Millennium eps. There is one episode from the first season that has something like 6 or 7 actors who played semi-major characters. The first season is more stand-alone ep/cop mystery (helmed by Carter) and the second season has a much broader mythology (helmed by Morgan & Wong) and I enjoyed it immensely. If you ever get to wanting the second season, I have that one on dvd if you'd like to borrow rather than take time from your Netflix queue. I actually have a lot of shows you're interested in either on VHS or DVD (24, Buffy, Firefly, etc). Drop me an email: wdecora at gmail