Saturday, November 22, 2008


Saturday, November 22, 2008
Clarkesworld Books is having what may be one last big sale (via Nic Clarke had to close a year or two ago but he still had inventory on hand and as he posted on the store's front page,

The point of re-opening is to clear out the remaining inventory that is filling our house. At present, I'm trying to get rid of enough inventory to allow our children to move into a larger bedroom, currently used as storage. So, don't just look at it as simply buying books, you're making two little boys very happy.

I'm thinking about it. I probably don't need to spend $35 (the minimum order), but I do have some spare spending cash and Clarkesworld has a LOT of back issues of some magazines I'd like to read. Besides an autographed copy or two of a novel (or two) I'd like, I could also get a lot of fiction for those $35.

The only problem? I have two issues of Asimov's and four issues of Weird Tales back from when I subscribed that I still haven't read. If I buy a stack of magazines what makes me think I'll get to them any sooner?

I'm waffling, but I kind of want to spend some money and just do it. Not sure how long the sale will be going and when it is done Clarkesworld will be closed again.



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