Thursday, May 11, 2006

why Spike?

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended Spike was good and dead.  Again.  See, Spike went and got himself a soul after being all bad before having a chip implanted in his head by the Initiative.  In the final episode of BtVS, Spike was Buffy's Champion and sacrificed himself using an amulet to help destroy the Hellmouth and save the world.  So, yay Spike.  And I was glad Spike was gone because I've hated the character ever since he and Drusilla were splitsville.  Just a real pain and an irritation.  Joss Whedon had some good storylines with Spike, but I've wished that someone would stake him by mistake. 
So, I knew Spike was coming to Angel.  I knew he did and I didn't know how.  First episode of Season 5 and James Marsters is all up in the opening credits.  We shouldn't even know Spike is coming and he is given an opening credit sequence.  So, poof he appears and he's ghostly and I hate it.  Joss is still doing something interesting with the character and something original, but I just wish he wasn't on screen.  The good thing that has come from this in 3 episodes is the bickering between Angel and Spike and Spike complaining that being a ghost isn't fair after saving the world and Angel replies with a mini-rant about how his situation is less fair about having a soul and dealing with a hundred years of guilt and Spike just sat in a basement for three weeks.  Good rant.  Well played.  Having Spike on screen lets Angel be snippy, and I like that, but maybe someone could stake Spike when he gets a body.  Maybe?
I'm just hoping.  After a disappointing storyline with Connor (surely something more will happen there?) and Jasmine (Gina Torres as a goddess) and losing Cordelia for part of the fourth season and early fifth, just...ugh.  It's still a decent show, but I'm frustrated and bringing Spike into the mix does not make me less frustrated.  Oh well, only 19 more episodes and it's all done with. 
Maybe Joss will come home to television...

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