Friday, May 05, 2006

a killer lost

Lost on wednesday night was a killer episode.  Literally.  But more than just the shocking last three minutes of the episode, I was getting sucked right back into the show.  Sandy doesn't like Michelle Rodriguez or her character, but I like Ana Lucia so I was happy to see her backstory.  She's just about due to have a redemption song of a storyline.  She plays really hard and her character is a hard, tough woman, but there are cracks around the edges that are showing.  I think I see more potential in Ana Lucia than many fans, but I've liked Michelle Rodriguez ever since Girlfight.  I'm not sure she's shown much range but most actors find what works for them and stay within that window.  M-Rod just seems to play within a narrow frame.  And that's fine. 
So...who was that woman that Jack's father went to see?  I thought at first it was Claire, but when she started yelling and we saw a better look at her face I don't think it is.  So Christian has a child with a woman in Australia?  I assume it is a younger child and not...Claire...but I don't know. 
I really dug Sawyer running into the car Ana Lucia and Christian were sitting and yelling out an "I'm walking here!".  Thank you, Midnight Cowboy
But that ending.  Oof!  Beware...I'm gonna spoil it in the next sentence, so avert thine eyes if you don't want to know.  Michael shooting Ana Lucia and Libby?  That's awesome!  What I like about this is that I don't actually want either character to truly die because I like them for different reasons, but damn if I don't love the idea of knocking off characters.  My preference: Both are dead.  More likely: Ana Lucia is dead, Libby will live.  Why?  Rodriguez only signed up for a season (I think) and her character arc was pretty well done.  Her back story was fully revealed (more or less) and there is less that needs to be told about her.  Except that I like the character and there is a good redemption story that could go on there.  Like, she could be a better version of Sawyer.  More honest than Sawyer, but also more conflicted and broken.  But, then...most of the characters are broken.  Libby, on the other hand, still has a whole backstory that has only been hinted at.  She was in the hospital as a patient.  Why?  Who is she?  She's not a doctor, we think.  But she says she is.  Libby has barely been touched as a character.  She'll probably live.  But that's why I want her to die.  Show us that you can't predict a death and who because Abrams will kill off characters who aren't done yet.  Not like Shannon and Boone.  And imagine how Hurley will crack if Libby dies.  His character will go in a completely different direction.  He'll be damaged by her being shot, but I see a death just tearing him apart. 
Like I said, I'd rather have both die.  But somehow Libby will probably live.  I'll be surprised if it is the other way around and Ana Lucia lives and Libby dies.  Although...Ana Lucia seemed to get shot on the side.  Libby got two stomach wounds on an island with limited medical supplies.  Libby's wound is more likely to be fatal than Ana Lucia.  But Libby was carrying something over her stomach, maybe that got in the way. 
Who else dug seeing Michael looking all villainous in the preview for the next ep.  Our good Mercutio just got a character to really do something with now. 

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