Wednesday, May 17, 2006

of course they cancel the show

Commander in Chief is being cancelled.  Of course.  Why wouldn't ABC cancel the show?  Let's see, the show started out with excellent ratings so ABC did a mid-season 11 week hiatus and then switched what night the show would be on.  Geena Davis wins an Emmy.  The show loses viewers during the hiatus. have a formula that works in a timeslot that is working.  It's a new show and good new shows that hit are hard to come ABC pretty much sabotages the show, in my mind. 
Not saying it is the best show ever, but I watched it from the start and didn't wait for DVD.  And that, my friends, is why they cancelled it.  To spite me. 

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Amanda said...

You're right. They hate you. they're out to get you actually. *nods head* There was a memo and everything.