Wednesday, May 10, 2006

islands and libraries

Sometimes I think I should read the Star Tribune more often.  Looking online right now I see an opinion article written by Louise Erdrich on keeping Nicollet Island preserved and not building a high school football stadium there.  Erdrich is still my favorite author, writer of Love Medicine, The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse, and Four Souls, among others.  I don't know much about the situation with the island, but I'm all about preserving whatever islands and natural areas we have left in urban areas.  Think of it as cost savings: Why spend money to build another park when you can just not touch another island?  Does the benefit outweigh what would be lost?  Anyway...
There is also an article on the opening of the new Minneapolis Public Library.  This is a nice big library and even though it isn't that close to home I really want to go and browse.  Ahh, the smell of stacks and stacks of books.  I know, the article is about how the library is more than books, but books will always be the heart of a library to me.  It's why I go.  I don't need protection, but it's a sanctuary.  The library is sort of near my work, so I may stop by one day and just wander.  My library system at home is actually the Hennepin County Libraries, and while Minneapolis is in Hennepin County the city has its own library system.  But I should still be able to borrow from there and I know I can always Inter Library Loan. 
Ahh, libraries. 

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