Monday, May 08, 2006

Childe Morgan - about time

I think I have been checking the website of Katherine Kurtz for a couple of years now in the hopes of seeing an update of some kind, any kind.  Right after I read In the King's Service I was checking every week or so for news of the next book and then it became every month and then every few months.  When I clicked into her website I see something different: the title page has a picture of Childe Morgan, the next Deryni novel.  Well, it's about time!  I mean that in the best possible way because the Deryni novels are some of my favorite fantasy novels with the mix of religion and magic and ritual and politics.  Good stuff.  Anyway, when you actually go into the site and take a look at current projects, there is a new progress report
Not a moment too soon!  So, Childe Morgan is looking to be published around Christmas.  This means the third volume in this trilogy will be out in another 2-3 years and then maybe, just maybe Kurtz will get around to writing that long rumored and suggested 948 novel (forgive me if the year is not exact).  In the back of her Deryni novels there is frequently a tree of a particular family.  Well, in 948 many of the major players from two trilogies die.  Some are young men and women, others older.  What happened in 948?  It is never touched upon because the last novel before that year is years before the event and the first novel after is centuries after.  What happened?  And if Kurtz writes 948 (which I would love to be the title but that would never happen), she has also suggested that she will write about the Airsid, Orin, and Jodotha.  Orin, Jodotha and the Airsid are discussed in the early chronological books as being nearly legend and legendary, so there is little known and revealed about them.  And, of course, I'm curious. 

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