Friday, January 01, 2010

Reading Resolutions

Two years ago I made a couple of resolutions for what I wanted to make an effort to read during the year. Looking back at that year, I did okay. Last year I decided against doing the resolution thing and while I have no complaints about the books I did read, I’ve got a few about what I didn’t read.

So, this year I want to adjust my focus just a little bit.

Like two years ago, I am setting as a goal to read 10 short story collections and 10 anthologies. This past year I only managed 5 of each and it’s just not enough short fiction in my diet.

I’ve got this stack of magazines on my floor that’s been growing for the past couple of years. I want to clear this off. So, along with the collections and anthologies, my next goal is to clear off that stack.

The stack is comprised of:
Asimov’s (one issue)
Weird Tales (four issues)
Realms of Fantasy (one issue)
Interzone (five issues)
Electric Velocipede (two issues, plus three chapbooks)
Sybil's Garage (one issue)

The final thing I would like to accomplish in my reading also relates to this blog. I want to expand my award coverage a bit. I’ve done fairly well in the past in getting through most (if not all) of the story nominees, but generally I miss at least half of the novels and the collection / anthology categories.

I want to get through more of the novels. In the past I’ve ignored the Nebula novels and depending on the year made a half-hearted effort on the Hugo and World Fantasy novels. The World Fantasy anthologies have likewise been ignored. I resolve to make an honest attempt to read all of the nominated fiction in 2010 (Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy).

Before I get too ambitious, I think that should cover my reading resolutions for 2010.

What are yours?

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