Sunday, September 09, 2007

What It Means to Be Published

Author Cherie Priest (Four and Twenty Blackbirds) posts on what she has learned after publishing her first book.

My personal favorite:
No one will believe you did it by writing a book that was worth publishing. Aspiring writers will be sure that you had a secret short cut, and you are a raging bitch for holding out on all those other poor folks who are just as worthy as you, but who were unwilling to flash their boobies at exactly the right people. And if you don't think people will actually say things like this, perhaps you have not yet published a book.
Not that I have, you know, boobies, as it were.


Nick said...

Not that I have, you know, boobies, as it were.

Yes, how do guys get published?

Joe Sherry said...

Well, I have one rejection slip in hand and one more pending, so I can't answer that one yet. :)

Nick said...
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