Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boneshaker: The Movie!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Holy shit, y'all. 

So, you know Boneshaker, that fantastic novel from Cherie Priest which featured an alternate America where the Civil War stretched into the 1880's and had a steampunk flair to it? 

If your answer to that question is "no", then go read the book! 

If your answer is "hell yeah!", then you may be as excited as I am (though not as excited as Cherie) that the film rights to Boneshaker has been sold

A huge congratulations go out to Cherie Priest.  I've been a fan of Priest's work for a while now and I am absolutely thrilled at her continued success in general and this sale in particular.  Good on her.


Carl V. said...

It was a fantastic read and I am very pleased for Priest and interested/excited to see what they will do with this on film. The technology is certainly at the right point to see her world imagined in all its alternate history/steampunk detail and if they actually use the book well the visuals will be backed by a solid story.

Fingers crossed.

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