Thursday, December 01, 2011

Night Shade Books: One Year Later

So often we focus on the big story of the day, but then never think to find out what happens after the spotlight has shifted to another "Big Story of the Day".  When I say "we", I place myself at the forefront of "we".  This is fairly normal, I think. 

The thing is, the follow up is also part of the story and if we were interested enough to engage with the original story, we should engage in checking back in to see if there is any resolution. 

What brings this up is that Rose Fox posted an update to last year's Night Shade situation

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out Post 1 and Post 2.  As a result, the SFWA placed Night Shade Books on a one year probation to give them the chance to get their act together. 

According to the SFWA, they did.  Probation has been lifted and Night Shade remains a qualifying market for authors.  See Rose Fox's post for the full SFWA letter regarding this.


I have long been a fan of the work Night Shade publishes and I'm glad that the issues were able to be resolved, though I'm still saddened that they ever had to occur in the first place. 

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