Friday, August 13, 2010

The Last Run

Pretty Sweet!

The news isn't new anymore, but I just read that Greg Rucka has a third Queen & Country novel coming out this fall

I'm a huge fan of the Queen & Country graphic novels and I thought Rucka's previous two novels (A Gentleman's Game, and Private Wars), expanding the series into straight prose, also were excellent. 

So, given the ending to the series (or, what was the ending to the original storyline), I am very curious to see what Rucka has for us here.  And getting more Tara Chace and Q&C?  Always a good thing. 

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Carl V. Anderson said...

This just shows you how out of touch I've been, I didn't realize Rucka wrote any Q&C novels! I read the original comic series though and enjoyed it so I'm curious about searching out the novels.